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Stay Connected

Staying connected with others is a vital part of our mental well-being. Caring for others and knowing others care for us binds us together, helps reduce stress, and protects us from other risks. Reach out, and be kind to everyone.

It starts with "Hello."

Download the Hello - How Are You poster for reaching out to neighbors

Resources for Staying Connected

Hotlines, Warm Lines, Text Lines

Hotlines, warm lines, text lines

If you or someone you know is in crisis, such as having intrusive thoughts that impair ability to function, thoughts of suicide, or otherwise is unable to cope, help is available.

Persons in the LGBTQ community, especially young people, often feel isolated from family and peers. The Trevor Project can provide support:

  • The Trevor Project - Supporting LGBTQ youth and their friends

  • TrevorLifeline 866-488-7386, a 24/7 crisis intervention and suicide prevention phone service

  • TrevorText text START to 678678

  • TrevorChat at www.thetravorproject.org (computer preferred)

For people who are not in crisis but may be feeling lonely or anxious and would like to talk to another person, the HOPE Line is available Monday-Friday 4-11PM and Saturdays and Sundays 4-8PM

  • HOPE Line operated by SafeHaven Inc. 855-276-HOPE

For mental health support and resources, the National Alliance on Mental Illness operates a helpline and email address.

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